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This website aims to develop case studies of the development of farming practices and attendant transformations of local ecologies of defined blocks of land. Through these biographies of particular plots of land we are developing localised analyses of the wider historical trends in the political economy/ecology of the Northern Rivers.

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The future

It’s really hard to say because of the, the limited nature of what we have. Even though it’s a thousand acres; I mean we don’t know, our next door neighbour might suddenly sell up one day and if we’re in a position we’ll but their property or, you know. There’s that type of expansion which I can’t really comment on because I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but, you know if it ever did happen  it will be advantageous for us to actually expand like that. To buy next door, whether we can afford that at that time; (can’t afford it now, so why am I even thinking about it?) But um, that’s one type of expansion…

Well basically the people that are visiting us, even if they don’t live here and become like us, we’d like for them to take away with them some good experience and some kind of philosophical or cultural benefit so that they can add that to their own life. Because, you know, you can better your life wherever you are, just personal choice. We are free willed people, we can, make decisions all the time, we can choose the right way or the wrong way. So, we can show people that come here that there is a right way of doing things, there is a right way of looking after the cows. There is a right way of eating, you know, there is, you know right way of, or a better way. Right or wrong? Let’s say better you know, ‘cause anyone can do what they damn well like. We all have free will. But the consequences of our actions come back on us; so, you know, if we learn the sign, the art of acting in such a way that our life in the future will be better, then at least just take that with them and their lives will improve, you know. That’s the best we can hope for.

And if you want to get into it, you know the whole commercial industry is just, …it’s just suicidal you know. And now even on a largish scale, even in the general society people are becoming more and more aware of how may rip-offs there are and, you know commercialism is just, just not the right the way to go, you know.

People go to a supermarket and expect, “I want his right now.” Right, doesn’t matter where, how difficult it is to get, it’s the wrong season and everything, but the demand actually… you know keeps that machine kind of going. So we should learn to just, you know, be more natural in our, in our wants; and not so over the top. Because the more we become over the top in our desires and wants then the more we’re not going to be sustain…, our lifestyle’s not gunna, you know, be sustainable. We have to kind of peg it back a little bit. Live more simply. And be satisfied with living a bit more simply, you know.

I mean, we’re all guilty of that because that, that just happens to all of us. But when we learn to control our mind and senses, and that’s where the spiritual side come in. you know the actual, you know, well you’ve gotta control your own self within. No-one else can do that for you. So not only does the community here, you know help in external needs in a natural way, but also there’s this whole spiritual side and a spiritual practice that each of us perform, which helps us to be strong within; so that we can, we can make the right choices and decisions, you know.



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