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This website aims to develop case studies of the development of farming practices and attendant transformations of local ecologies of defined blocks of land. Through these biographies of particular plots of land we are developing localised analyses of the wider historical trends in the political economy/ecology of the Northern Rivers.

Transport and Supply

Early selectors’ accounts of the Northern Rivers often made mention of the difficulty of the terrain, and the impact this had on people’s everyday lives. Trips had to be carefully planned, and could often be cancelled as a result of fallen trees, flooding, land-slips, and other barriers.

By the middle of the twentieth century, major roads had improved the situation considerably, but as Eric Bazzana’s story explains, transport was still central to the region’s ongoing viability. It was also often indicative of broader socio-cultural and economic changes (such as the availability and affordability of cars for changing groups of residents over time).

Today, Sustain Northern Rivers continues to engage with this issue through Sustain Transport.




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