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This website aims to develop case studies of the development of farming practices and attendant transformations of local ecologies of defined blocks of land. Through these biographies of particular plots of land we are developing localised analyses of the wider historical trends in the political economy/ecology of the Northern Rivers.
Ray Flanagan, Leigh Davidson, Carol Perry & JJ Bruce’s Stories

Ray Flanagan, Leigh Davidson, Carol Perry & JJ Bruce’s Stories

By on Jul 1, 2013 in Dharmananda | 0 comments

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Great. And we can go back to some of the early history again when Carol comes – but Ray, given that you came early on – how did you get on with the neighbours?

Ray: Ok, well it was pretty good when I first arrived. We got on well with all the locals that were around here and had a bit to do with some of them. It wasn’t until after the Terania Protest that things started to sour a bit with some of the locals, some of the older locals. Before that yeah it was great. But we still had good relations with some of them.

Leigh: Here’s Carol… [Carol Perry joins us]

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