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This website aims to develop case studies of the development of farming practices and attendant transformations of local ecologies of defined blocks of land. Through these biographies of particular plots of land we are developing localised analyses of the wider historical trends in the political economy/ecology of the Northern Rivers.
Ray Flanagan, Leigh Davidson, Carol Perry & JJ Bruce’s Stories

Ray Flanagan, Leigh Davidson, Carol Perry & JJ Bruce’s Stories

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Old roads

Ray: I remember when we were trying to find this, the road, the main road that dissected, or joined the top to the bottom of the property, I remember we used to do a lot of hacking about in the lantana. And it was like a bit of a jigsaw puzzle – we’d find bits of it and we’d go ‘oh yeah well this looks right’. And I remember we’d just about pieced it all together but we couldn’t find how to get from this ridge here across the other ridge. And I remember we went over and talked to ‘old Bob’ who was still here at the time; and he said ‘I used to drive me car up there.’ We said ‘really’ [laughs]. He said ‘yeah there was a set of rails down there in the creek’ and he sort of described it and eventually we found it, with his help. I don’t know if he actually came up there with us or not, but….

Leigh: This is where it crosses Carol’s water source thing?

Ray: Yeah.

Leigh: Ah that would have been hard to find.

Ray: Yes and then when we finally felt we had it all pretty much together we got this guy in with his bulldozer. It was Trish’s…

Leigh: Barry Harding.

Ray: Barry Harding, yeah. He came in and he started at the top and he just drove along the little tracks we cut through the lantana and drove all the way down. There were a couple of spots where it had slipped and he had to remake them.

Leigh: Oh right. So Ray and Dudley and Carol put, cleared that one up. But you couldn’t get down this ridge here in a …

Ray: No.

Leigh: There was, you’d get to the Golf Course, wasn’t even a road up there was there. It was goat, and then above the Golf Course there was a goat track.

Carol: I’d always ride it on the horse, we’d do it on the horses in those days.

Leigh: Where that south ridge dam is there was an old bridge wasn’t there? An old wooden bridge, remember that? When Lou put that…

Ray: Oh yeah.

Leigh: That dam in in 1981. He pushed that bridge out of the way. There’s not sign of it anywhere.

Ray: No, no.

Leigh: Can’t find the bits and pieces.

Ray: Oh really?

Leigh: It was quite a big one too.

Ray: Yeah.

Leigh: Pretty unsafe, I never wanted to drive over it.

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