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This website aims to develop case studies of the development of farming practices and attendant transformations of local ecologies of defined blocks of land. Through these biographies of particular plots of land we are developing localised analyses of the wider historical trends in the political economy/ecology of the Northern Rivers.

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Sources of information

It’s very grassroots networking. So, like my parents; all my life they’ve been giving money to their church, helping out with church projects, or if somebody is sick at church my mum will go and visit them and take them a present or something. People naturally, from whatever spiritual tradition they come from, they naturally find their church or temple or mosque or synagogue, or ashram or… They naturally find that as a bit of a centre for the community. And there, there is a lot of Hares in this area and allot of people who might not call theme selves Hare Krishnas, but are favourable, or the Indian community. Like that. Like that. So they’re naturally, they’re a little inspired, that if they have some charity to give, or help to offer then you know giving a couple of hours a week or something is something that they count as a positive value in their life.

So some of its through that, members of the I guess you’d say broadly Hare Krishna community who are just living/working outside and just happen to be experts in that area. Other people I barter with, trade with. Like Matt Prichard who’s probably the biggest sweet potato grower in Australia, doesn’t live far from here, um hard core business man type. Runs, I don’t know how many acres of sweet potatoes, runs it very efficiently, you know like it’s a business, money, money, money, but he’s a nice guy. So we just take him a few veges and sweet words, whatever, maybe like a present and um he’s kind enough to lend us some help.

Tell you the truth I have looked at the internet from time to time… but not so much. It’s hard to… say you’re writing an article on something… Gardening is so unique based upon the quality of the soil or, the microcosm environment, what do you call that. I don’t know, literally a mile away you’ve got a very different situation based on water, soil quality, PH, insects. I don’t know, whatever. So if you’re writing an article say from some other part of Australia, or some other part of the world, on how to grow sweet potatoes, how much that actually applies to us is questionable, whereas it you can actually have someone come here, maybe they even live locally, ah say Trevor who actually gardened here for four years, they’re much more connected to our actually struggles, our actual things that we need. The obstacles that we face. All in all though, I’ve found it pretty easy, pretty um smooth flowing.

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