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This website aims to develop case studies of the development of farming practices and attendant transformations of local ecologies of defined blocks of land. Through these biographies of particular plots of land we are developing localised analyses of the wider historical trends in the political economy/ecology of the Northern Rivers.

Further Resources

A list of useful sources that we have consulted during this research can be found on the selected bibliography page. On this page, you can find additional original stories that we have collected to fill in some of the gaps in the existing literature. The aim of these is to support the landed histories by providing information about some of the key industries in the region that have been the subject of comparatively little research to date.


Banana Industry


Unlike many other main food industries in the Northern Rivers, such as dairy and sugar, banana production has received comparatively little historical attention. This page begins to address this… Read more »

Organic Food

Lismore Organic Market

Although organic food production is a comparatively new addition to the landscape of the Northern Rivers, it has been important economically, culturally and environmentally. This page… Read more »

Transport and Supply

Lismore Nimbin Sign

This page provides an introduction to some of the key transport and supply challenges for food producers in the Northern Rivers, and includes an interview with Eric Bazzana, whose recollections… Read more »


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