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This website aims to develop case studies of the development of farming practices and attendant transformations of local ecologies of defined blocks of land. Through these biographies of particular plots of land we are developing localised analyses of the wider historical trends in the political economy/ecology of the Northern Rivers.


Boyd Photograph Case Study

The Boyd family farm is in the upper Tweed, north east of Murwillumbah, NSW. Some of the most agriculturally productive parts of the land were created by… Read more »


Boyle header P1000232

To land in Goolmangar selected by the McIntyre family in 1870 Michael Boyle moved his family and dairy herd from Jamberoo on the South Coast of NSW… Read more »



Dino and Pam Coiacetto bought their farm in 1974 from Dino’s father Beniamino. Beniamino and his wife Maria had bought the farm in 1958… Read more »


Dharm Community House

Carol and Dudley Legget bought the property that would become the multiple occupancy of Dharmananda in 1972. While this was well before the legal… Read more »

Hare Krishna Community

Hare Krishna Farm DSC_5365

New Govardhana is a Hare Krishna community near Murwillumbah in the Tweed. Founded in 1977, it is a property of approximately 1000 acres… Read more »


McDonald House header

David and Jenny McDonald have farmed cane outside Woodburn on their property Newstead since the mid 1970s, on land first settled by David’s grandparents… Read more »

Nimbin Valley Dairy

Nimbin Valley Dairy header

Nimbin Valley Dairy is a short drive east from Nimbin, on Tuntable Falls road. After being run as a cow dairy for most of the twentieth century by the Couch family, the land is now home to a goat dairy… Read more »

Organic Forrest

Forrest Parish of Jasper 1896 Case Study

The Forrest family farm lies within a 536 acre portion of land selected in 1883 by Charles Hicks, a butcher. Hicks writes: ‘I went to live on the selection about 2 months after taking it up… Read more »


Stewart family header

The Stewarts live at Booyong on land originally part of a squatters run of 19, 200 acres in 1881. Isaac and Anne Stewart joined the migration from the South Coast of NSW… Read more »

Summit Organics

Summit Organics - Bruin Parish of Tyalgum 1902

The first farm was established on the 338 acres (136.8ha) now occupied by Summit Organics in 1910, when Henry Thomas Southwood, plumber and dairy farmer… Read more »



Towards the end of what is now Shaw’s lane, Tuckombil (just west of Byron Bay near the village of Teven) Bonnie Walker’s farm produces avocados… Read more »

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